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Week 5: Data Ownership and Privacy

Is your personal data actually safe and solely yours?

Everyday we utilize the freedom and ease of using the internet. I’ve talked a little bit before about how big companies track you and your information. Big companies such as Apple, Google, facebook tend to collect and store personal information about its clients. Especially with Google who might offer other services such as gmail or google+. This is just two of the ways in which google can monitor you.

This video tells you about your privacy and tracking in the most simplest way.

Personally, I’ve always been a little bit paranoid about actually giving out personal information online. Now all my devices want to track my location wherever I go.

Story time: When I was in my marketing class, my professor told me about this story of a man raised hell because Target sent his 16 year old daughter ads about baby products. Of course, he went to Target and gave them a piece of his mind only to find out that out his daughter was actually pregnant. He thought Target was just being inappropriate by sending her those types of ads. It turns out that the daughter actually was browsing through the internet for those products and of course Target keeps track of your browsing online especially through it’s user ID systems.

How I manage to deal with that information that might be tracked is to use VPN along with being in incognito mode on Chrome. VPN allows you to create a secure connection. The pros of using VPN are that it allows you to also access region restricted sites as well as keeping your online activity safe when you’re in public. That’s why when company employees work from home or work offsite, they are required to use VPN to ensure security.

There are so many websites where I have an account such as different forums. For those, I prefer to use an email that I don’t normally use for official purposes. It’s just in case the website is not secure so that’s another way we can combat tracking through your email.

Overall, I think that the decision is up to each individual, how their information is being used rather than big corporations.

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