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Week 4: API

What is API?

It stands for application programming interface. To basically break it down word by word, application is the tools, programs, and games we use every single day through our devices. Programming is what people can create such as software that makes everything more efficient. And interface is a point where two systems can meet and work together. So API is a way for two or more applications to interact with each other.

The API does all the behind the scenes process that allows you to use technological devices to the fullest extent you can. An example of this is when you’re booking an airline ticket or a hotel. When you are on their website, they ask you for the dates in which you want to go, seating, city and state etc. To book this, you are interacting with the company website to see any availability for you. By doing this, the application you’re using to book your flight is interacting with the airline’s API. That’s how you get your data about flight availability back.

An API is a messenger that takes requests from you, tells the system what to do and delivers a response back to you. Each company uses API. All interactions, applications and devices has API that allows your computer to operate them.

Every time you visit a website, you interact with some remote server’s API. It doesn’t mean that the remote server is the API, but it’s a part of the server that receives and processes requests.

APIs are what is powering the apps and digital platforms that companies are dependent on.

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