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Week 2: Collaboration & Collective Intelligence

The internet makes it possible for more and more people to connect and network with each other to communicate their ideas. In comparison to before the internet became huge, group work use to consist of actually being present and working face to face. Now so many projects take place online and through the use of new services that make it easier to collaborate.

So what is collaboration and collective intelligence?

Collaboration refers to working with others towards a mutual goal and collective intelligence is the idea that a group of people can solve any problem or issue more efficiently than one individual.

One example of mass collaboration and collective intelligence is when NASA asked people to map out the surface of Mars. They designed a website called “Clickworkers” where they can watch a tutorial of how to classify Martian craters. There was no monetary reward for any one them to participate in this project. But more than 100,000 people participated. It’s interesting if we compare it to actually doing something in person, most would probably reject the idea. But the internet has changed how we work and communicate together.

People don’t realize it at all but it takes collective intelligence and collaboration to make google what it is today and to make Wikipedia as big as it is today. Each time someone clicks on a webpage, Google creates links to webpages and uses collective intelligence to predict answers we type into the search bar. Collective intelligence is also the cause of how Wikipedia came to be. Everyone across the world has created articles to the most useful encyclopedia in the world.

Wikipedia is the perfect example of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing refers to information or data contributed by a group of people often via the internet. Wikipedia required people online to write in content and create information on their own rather than hiring someone else to do it.

With collaboration, collective intelligence and crowdsourcing, it requires many people. To successfully utilize these ideas, it’s important to build trust. Also being able to be inclusive of all people of different race and gender. More heads are better than one so creating a group of diverse minds is the best way to go.

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