Week 3 Activity: Google Advertiser Profile

For week’s 3 activity, I used the Google advertiser profile. What I’ve actually noticed months before starting the class was that whenever I watched youtube videos, sometimes it would show me an ad for kpop. If you don’t know what kpop is, it is Korean music which I have a lot of interest in. Now my friends are not into kpop so of course they never see ads for that.

So this is my ad profile. All of these are actually correct even if it was kinda vague because I remember searching for things relating to these topics within the last month. I’m not to sure about parenting but that might actually be due to me searching something about babies laying still faced down for an insane period of time (thanks to my nephew).

When I asked, my friends said they were shown more ads catered towards their own interests such as makeup and other tv shows they like. In addition to using Google advertiser profiles, you can also see Google’s location tracking which shows where you’ve been in the past. It doesn’t just show the general vicinity but the actual place and the address.

To keep yourself more private, I think the best way is to never reveal too much information about yourself. I know google chrome has an option to autofill your information including your credit card information. So anytime that you have to enter the payment info, they’ll remember it. It’s much safer to say no to that option and reenter your credit card information .












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