Week 3 Activity: Digital minimalism

So I spent about a week without Tumblr (where I spend most of my time online). To be honest at first, I was going to deactivate Facebook because it seemed like the most simple thing to do but I realized I rarely ever spend time on there so it would make no difference at all. I think the last time I updated Facebook with anything including pictures was 54 weeks ago.

Tumblr’s such a big part of my life online because it’s a place where I can let out thoughts that otherwise I might not want to share with others (nothing bad at all). I think of it as my own space to just enjoy the things that make me happy.

Honestly, I think the week seemed a lot longer just because the site I often visit the most would be Tumblr. So it’s seems like there’s nothing else to do online. One thing I’ve noticed is that the less time I spend online, the more productive I am in my life even if I was itching to go back online.

Because Facebook & Tumblr are all real time and things are moving along even if you are offline, it gives people excitement and anticipation to go back and see if anything’s happened and if anything’s changed since the last time they were online.

I’m not sure if I could’ve lasted a whole month without it but it’d be very interesting to try. Might make me more productive in other areas!

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