Activity Week 2: Digital Identity

Logged into Google

Boonyisa Pitayatonakarn: I get barely anything. I haven’t gone by that name since middle school but I expected more results to show up.

Vee Pitayatonakarn: I get facebook and the facebook for UMW, all the books I favorited on goodreads (that’s a little creepy), and a snap blog I did last semester for Leadership and Social Justice as well as a presentation I did a year ago on Prezi.


Boonyisa Pitayatonakarn: Still the same. Includes just my facebook profile.

Vee Pitayatonakarn: It gives the exact same results as if I was logged into google.


Boonyisa Pitayatonakarn: I’m Thai but this gives me other Thai people with the same first name, but none of which was me.

Vee Pitayatonakarn: It gives me facebook, the prezi presentation and just one book on goodreads.


Vee Pitayatonakarn is a graduating senior at University of Mary Washington. Vee can only be reached on her facebook page. She has taken a Leadership and Social justice class at UMW in which she partipated in the SNAP Challenge where she wasn’t allowed to spend more than $20 on food for a whole week. She is also an avid lover of books.

What are the top websites and apps that you use daily?

I use tumblr and youtube religiously. Especially tumblr. It’s becoming an issue.

How much time do you spend on your phone or online?

A very long time. But I take small breaks in-between. If I have nothing to do or work on, I could sit here all day.

In the past 4-5 years, how has your activity online changed?

In the past I used to care more about facebook and uploading pictures. Not obsessively but it was a few times a week. But nowadays, I don’t use facebook at all except to wish someone a happy birthday.

How accurate was the information you found about yourself?

It was all pretty accurate. I feel a little weirded out with the goodreads account though and the snap blog.

How easy would it be for someone who didn’t already know you to know which search results were about you, and which were about someone else with the same/similar name?

Well, considering my last name is Pitayatonakarn, they’ll recognize it if they know my last name. I’m pretty sure my family is the only family with that name! I’ve checked.

Do you ever self-censor online? (If so, which sites and why?)

Not really.

Have you ever actively removed content because of concerns about how it reflected on your digital identity? Why?

I tend to get very paranoid about what information about me is online so that’s why I never use facebook now. But it’s not really bad content, just some embarrassing ones I’d rather strangers not see.


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